Printing machine KB50

Slovak company ZITOS, Ltd. sells printing machine


5 color stations, 40,000 rotations (magazines)per hour German manufacturer Koenig and Bauer AG year of manufacture 1989 under serial number 68,133,401th

                                          The value of the new machine was about 4 mil. €.                                                          According to the latest The expert opinion of 2010, the value of this machine valued at € 1,654,235

Printing Machine is in good technical condition, completely ready to produce. Currently unused due to lack of orders.

Add to the machine:

Hohner stitcher Trimmer T-3.2 stations.
BREMER stitcher, four loading stations, three rust.
STAHL folding machine
SEYPA cutter.
AGI DREAM 120 Developing machine.
RIMA SYSTEM stapler.
GEMERLOLER type RE 143/530 Roto cutter.

The machine can be tested before disassembly at their own expense.
Experts on performance and disassembly can be arranged.

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